Physical Education

Here at St Mellion Primary School we believe PE & Sport has the potential to change young people’s lives for the better.

We welcomed the Government’s announcement in June 2013 to provide additional funding to improve provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. We are committed to using this resource to develop high quality PE lessons, alongside greater opportunities for sporting competitions and clubs for all our children.

A wide range of PE is delivered to our pupils, which aims to engage and inspire the children. This is taught by external providers and by our teaching staff, using a range of established and innovative curriculum resources.

We work with a range of partners to supplement our curriculum with trained coaches e.g. from Plymouth Argyle, Arena, Lux Park Swimming teachers and a specialist gym coach who provide ongoing CPD for our staff as well as expert tuition and coaching.

PE in KS1
We focus on the children’s fundamental abilities, these cover the most important skills young children need to develop in order to progress onto more difficult skills later in their education; throwing, catching, controlling their own body weight and moving efficiently in a variety of ways including jumping, twisting, rolling etc.

PE in KS2
There is a focus on games and strategic skills. We bring in specialist coaches to develop quality skills in a range of sports. We build on the skills learnt each year as we make links between previous sports taught – the basic principles of attacking and defending remain particularly constant throughout all invasion team sports.

Extra curricular Sport
Our extra-curricular programme is extensive and includes many after school clubs. The majority of our after school clubs are run by our committed teaching staff and dedicated parents, and are free of charge.

We offer a range of clubs throughout the year which have, in the past, included: football, netball, hockey, tag rugby, cross country, rounder’s, yoga, dance, athletics, cheerleading, aerobics and orienteering. Clubs are often reflective of the sporting season!

We also provide after school sports clubs to our KS1 pupils, to develop a love of sport, e.g. multi skills and athletics.

How We Are Spending Our PE Funding
– Enhancing after school sport by providing quality coaches to include clubs for all ages and in a range of sports
– Improving % of children accessing sport by improving the range of provision
– Offering a wider range of sport
– PE specialist teacher support for staff
– Courses to support professional development of staff
– Resources to promote active playtimes and healthy choices
– Development of KS2 children as Playtime Leaders and ‘Sugar Smart Leaders’
– Enhance inter and intra school competition and festivals, including for children who may not usually be involved

Moving forward we plan to:
– Support children further in understanding the importance of healthier and active lunchtimes and eating well.
– Provide opportunities for skilled professionals from different sports to run taster sessions to encourage participation in a variety of sports – Tai Chi, dance specialist, archery, Tri Golf, specialist sports coaches and Plymouth Raiders.
– Develop further our range of extra- curricular activities through sports coaches
– Develop assessment of pupils PE and analyse this to further target areas of need
– Measure the impact of our sports funding through pupil voice (Sports Council) and a whole school audit, supported by our colleagues at Arena.

St Mellion PE and School Sport Action Plan 2019-20, including Sport Premium Expenditure

St Mellion Sports Pupil Premium Report 2021-2022